Successful Transplant Case – Fanconi Anemia

  • Transplantation year: 2014
  • Transplantation place: Queen Mary Hospital
  • Target patient: Greg, 1-year-old
  • Situtation: No recurrence was observed in the one-year follow up period

Greg (fake name) was confirmed suffering from a fatal disease - Fanconi Anemia in mid 2014. He was less than 1 year old at that time. His mother, Mrs Chan was so shocked and asked herself "why my son suffers from such a rare genetic disease?" "My son had developed bone marrow failure and he needs to have bone marrow or cord blood hematopoietic stem cells transplantation as soon as possible."

"The doctor explained that siblings are most likely to be a close match. I immediately thought of the cord blood we saved for our first daughter. The doctor believed cord blood transplant is more effective than bone marrow transplant." "The test confirmed their HLA Typing matched and the viability of stem cells met the transplant standards. When I knew that Greg had a chance to get cured, I couldn’t help bursting into tears."

The surgery was performed at Queen Mary Hospital. HealthBaby liaised with the doctor and delivered the cord blood stem cells to the hospital accordingly. The course of operation was smooth and Greg recovered well. No recurrence was observed in the one-year follow up period. Mrs Chan was finally relieved from the anxiety.

"I am so grateful that my son has been cured. I did have hesitations about storing my children’s cord blood thus I only save my eldest daughter’s cord blood as a health insurance. I would never imagine elder sister’s cord blood playing such an important role in saving Greg’s life and I really regret not saving his own cord blood. As cord blood has a growing role in medical treatments, I suggest all parents-to-be learning more about cord blood storage and do not miss the chance of giving a comprehensive health protection to their children."

資料來源:National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute