Successful Transplant Case - Neuroblastoma

  • Transplantation year: 2013
  • Transplantation place: Queen Mary Hospital
  • Target patient: Mrs Lam, 5-year-old
  • Situation: After one year observation, no cancer cell is found

One day in early 2013, Mrs Lam found the abnormal walking posture of her 5-year-old son as he moved haltingly and unsteadily. She thus brought him to the doctor. "At first thought, it should be general nerves or bone problems, but the root cause could not be determined." Mrs Lam recalled "Until he had undergone in-depth medical tests, Lam was confirmed suffering from neuroblastoma."

After several months of preparation, the surgery was performed at Queen Mary Hospital. Doctors removed part of the suprarenal gland tissue, followed by chemotherapy and drug treatments. Lam was given his own cord blood to treat his damaged cells, rebuild his hematopoiesis and immune system, which improve the treatment successful rate and long-term survival rate. "Doctors confirmed the cord blood sample was stored in good quality, and the portion was enough. Cord blood transplant is more effective than bone marrow transplant."

After one year observation, no cancer cell is found in Lam and thus regarded as a successful transplant case. Why Mrs Lam stored her baby’s cord blood? Her answer is "I initially considered it as a health insurance to the kid, while never thought it has such an important function." She also mentioned why she chose HealthBaby, "as I get to know about all the cord blood banks, HealthBaby has given me confidence because of its accreditation and facilities. Meanwhile, the contract terms offer a more comprehensive protection to customers." She further comments about the limited and inadequate information about cord blood and its medical application in Hong Kong and suggests parents-to-be should take the initiative to learn more about cord blood.

Source: Children's Cancer Foundation