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Most Entrusted Cord Blood Bank by Parents

HealthBaby is entrusted by most Hong Kong parents .

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Over the year, HealthBaby has solified its position as a market leader in Hong Kong and Macau, providing exceptional cord blood banking services. We understand the immense value and potential that stem cells hold for the future well-being of your loved ones.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system, DATAssure™, diligently tracks temperature, humidity, and pressure. It transmits readings every minute via a secure wireless network, ensuring optimal storage conditions are maintained 24/7.

Online MonitoringCan access through internet and SSL VPN client connectedX
Online Parameter CheckingCan access through internet and SSL VPN client connectedX
Sensor Powered byRechargeble Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) 3.7 V battery (more reliable)3 x AA battery
Resolution of Sensor ReadingUp to 3 decimal placesUp to 1 decimal place
24/7 Monitoring on Full Lab
Door Ajar
Safety EquipmentX
Carbon DioxideX
Liquid NitrogenX
Volatile Organic Compounds ConcentrationX

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Most Asked Questions by Parents Related to Service Plan Selection

Different from other private cord blood banks, HealthBaby persists to use the expensive liquid nitrogen (-196℃) as storage medium to provide the most quality cord blood and umbilical cord storage service. Using of liquid nitrogen (stable temperature at -196°C) as storage media, which is recommended by reports for long-term stem cells storage19,only liquid nitrogen can keep stable -196°C. Cord blood stem cells will suspend all physiological activities and remain dormant. On the contrary, reports show that vapor nitrogen and TWEs will reduce the stem cells viability by 20%26.

One of the most critical determinant of transplantation success is stem cells viability. HealthBaby's adoption of liquid nitrogen as storage medium is the best guard to every parents.

HealthBaby is the only provider of the advanced BioArchive® system. The system is also adopted by worldwide large blood banks and 90% cord blood banks in Europe, as well as New York Blood Centre which performed most transplants worldwide. Other private cord blood bank are using the traditional vapor nitrogen storage system. According to research, cord blood stem cells will suspend all physiological activities and remain dormant19. On the contrary, reports show that vapor nitrogen and TWEs will reduce the stem cell viability by 20%26.

To cater for different needs of parents, HealthBaby also provide MVE system plan, providing one more option to expectant parents. However, all storage plan are using the expensive liquid nitrogen (-196°C) as storage means.

Other cord blood bank's MVE vapor nitrogen storage system:

  • Since the storage system is not closed, temperature fluctuation will cause TWEs upon every access of samples, seriously affect stem cells viability.
  • The claim of stem cells being able to store permanently under -135℃ is false and without any proof.

For more details of BioArchive® system please refer to BioArchive® System.

HealthBaby uses the advanced AXP® II automated processing system that has received the FDA clearance, and complies with current good tissue practices (cGTP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Globally, the system has already processed over a million cord blood units to date. Designed to provide high-quality stem cell concentration from cord blood, the AXP® II system has demonstrated viable CD34+ stem cell recovery of more than 97%16 that is higher than most other known available systems. It is also a functionally closed processing system which ensures the sterility of the cord blood by eliminating exposure to air contaminants16

Since the success rate of transplantation is determined by stem cells' number and viability, therefore HealthBaby introduces AXP® II to maximize the extract of most stem cells.

Processing system of other private cord blood bank:

  • The claim of Sepax® ability to extract 99.46% TNC lacks of objectivity since the data is from the cord blood bank's own experiment but not a objective third party. But according to the third parties, The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the largest Cord Blood Bank of U.S. (Cord Blood Registry), Sepax® can only extracts 80.3% of TNC but not 99.46%. Beware amd do not be misled. In addition, only MNC but not TNC should be the transplant sample during transplantation27.
  • Not the only automatic cord blood processing system round the globe.

For more details of AXP®II please refer to AXP®II Automated Processing System.

International accreditations serve as an important benchmark for a cord blood bank's quality. Thus, HealthBaby Group is strived to attain the most international professional accreditations to provide high quality services. Our techniques, quality and storage service met up with the stringent standard of authoritative organizations38.

Apart from fundamental AABB accreditation, HealthBaby is the FIRST and ONLY private cord blood laboratory in Hong Kong obtained CAP and FACT accreditations.

For more details of HealthBaby international accreditations please refer to Most Professional Accreditations Cord Blood Bank in Hong Kong.

HealthBaby attained H.K. Patented technology which exclusively extracting the whole cord tissue as well as the unique processing, storage and culture technologies can fully enhance the quantity and viability of tissue cells after thawing. Experiments showed that various tissue cells (adipocytes, chondrocytes and vascular endothelial cells) can be differentiated from the cord tissue processed by HealthBaby patented technology. The cell colony number derived was over 20 fold of that derived from non-minced cord tissue segment.

Contract specifies HealthBaby exclusive umbilical cord technology can culture MSCs from umbilical cord tissue, safeguarding our clients.

Remember to be aware whether other cord blood banks have patented technology for processing cord tissue. The quality and guaranty of such services are questionable.

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