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To provide customers with the most comprehensive protection

Provides Comprehensive Protections in Service Agreement

HK300,000 will be provided for any transplantation which need to draw down the stem cells

Lifelong Guard Insurance

Provides comprehensive protections for child and family.

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Lifelong Guard Insurance

To provide customers with the most comprehensive protection, HealthBaby not only adopts the most advanced BioArchive® system and AXPII®  but also provides comprehensive protections in service agreement covering transportation process, negligence and accidents, etc.

Exclusive HK300,000 Transplant Care

Banking child’s cord blood can provides a comprehensive protection himself and his family members, considering if child or his immediate family member need to draw down the stem cells for a transplant to treat a unexpected conditions, the charge of surgical will be expensive especially the medical treatment is happening in oversea.

HealthBaby will take care a part of your medical needs, in case your child or child’s immediate family need to draw down the stem cells from the cord blood unit for a transplant to treat any of the listed conditions, we will pay up to HK$300,000 to share your financial burden, benefit includes transplant fee and experimental treatment.

  • Protection coverage up to 18-year exclusively
  • Comprehensive coverage to many kinds of diseases
  • Applicable for global medical center
  • Protection covers child himself and his immediate family member
  • Protection covers experimental treatment fee and transportation fee
  • According to Children’s Cancer Foundation, childhood cancer is rare in children younger than 5 years of age. The support funding provides by others cord blood bank in Hong Kong only covers first 2 years of storage is not a comprehensive protection for children and family
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Full Refund

FIRST committed full refund and international cord blood searching network or compensation up to US$50,000.

Professional Compensation

Professional compensation up to HK$56,000,000* Our insurance covers 18-year while other companies only provide 2 years, the average age of cord blood transplants is over two years old.
*The compensation is SG$10,000,000 and subject to the exchange rate


HealthBaby is the FIRST and ONLY cord blood laboratory accredited by FACT and CAP in Hong Kong. Cord blood laboratory report reaches medical standard with global recognition.

ISBT Barcode

HealthBaby would assign each sample an unique International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) barcode with detailed information for transfusion, cell therapy, tissue or organ transplantation and global tracking could facilitate the furture transplant when necessary.



直至 2016 年 6 月,臨床證實臍帶血可用作移植治療的疾病高達 種5,6,當中可以歸納為 7 大類別:白血病(俗稱血癌)、淋巴腫瘤、其他血細胞增殖疾病、遺傳性免疫系統疾病(所有治療為異體移植)、遺傳性代謝疾病、其他癌症及其他。

有關 113 種疾病的詳細列表您亦可以瀏覽臍帶血可醫治的疾病。




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