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Specifically designed for stem cells extraction

AutoXpress® Processing System
FDA Cleared & Adopted Widely in Globe

Individual sterile processing to avoid sample mix-up
18% higher than other systems in stem cells extraction16

Introducing AutoXpress® Processing System

Widely adopted by global cord blood bank.

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AutoXpress® Processing System
Highest Cells Extraction Rate in Globe

AutoXpress® (AXP®) Platform is the mostly adopted cord blood processing system (including New York Blood Centre and the largest Cord Blood Registry of U.S.). The system can collect 98.7 stem cells per 100 stem cells. Since the success of transplantation is determined by the quantity and viability of stem cells, HealthBaby therefore adopts the AXP® to maximize the extract of stem cells.

  • Produced by U.S. Cesca Therapeutics (Netcord official partner), FDA cleared and highly compatible with BioArchive®
  • The only automated processing system specially designed for stem cells harvesting
  • Automated closed system, individual sterile processing to avoid sample mix-up
  • Most used automated cord blood processing system in both Asia and U.S. regions. Among all automated system processing cord blood samples, over 75% samples are processed by AXP®31
  • The highest Mononuclear cell (MNC) – 98.7% and Total nucleated cell (TNC) – 96.2% recoveries in the industry, 18% higher than other systems16
  • XpressTRAK™ software compatible with international ISBT barcode for global information tracking
  • The success of transplantation is determined by the quantity and viability of stem cells

Compare AutoXpress Processing System® and Traditional Processing System

AutoXpress® Processing System
Processing system adopted by others cord blood bank


  • FDA(USA), CE(Europe) and CSA(Canada) cleared. The highest quality standards including FACT and AABB attained
  • The latest automated sterile processing system, specifically designed for stem cells harvesting
  • Seamless compatibility with BioArchive® System ensuring long-term storage of the maximum number of stem cells
  • Not specific for umbilical cord blood processing

Stem Cells Retrieval Rate

  • Consistently retrieves 98.7% MNC and 96.2% TNC, audited by U.S. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society and Cord Blood Registry (The Largest Cord Blood Bank in U.S.)16
  • Retrieves only 79.9% MNC and 80.3% TNC, audited by U.S. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society and Cord Blood Registry(The Largest Cord Blood Bank in U.S.)16

Recall Problem

  • In response to the AXP® recall in 2008, this was due to the raw materials problems of the bagset manufacturing, not related to safety issue and AXP® operation. However, the “Plan for Voluntary Recall” was highly appreciated by FDA, which the action was not a forcible recall20,21


  • Closed independent processing system, eradicating contamination
  • Automated processing in 45 minutes. Suitable for cord blood banks with high capacity
  • High sensitivity
  • XpressTRAK™ software provides real time and accurate data processing
  • Compatible with ISBT barcode for global information tracking
  • Over 65 minutes processing time, only for cord blood banks with low capacity
  • Prolonged processing time will delay the processing of other cord blood samples and stem cells viability will be affected

Global Usage

  • Most used automated cord blood processing system in both Asia and US regions30
  • Most used by the largest cord blood bank, including New York Blood Center and Cord Blood Registry (The Largest Cord Blood Bank in U.S.)
  • Most users shifted to use AXP® to enhance stem cells retrieval rate30
  • Official collaborator of NETCORD organization
  • Processed over 750,000 cord blood samples30
  • Over 40 countries

Most Asked Questions by Parents Related to Cord Blood Banking

Shall we keep child's cord blood in the same container under the circumstance of twins?

Under the circumstance of twins, it needs to bank the cord blood (or umbilical cord) varied. Twins can be categorized into two main types: Identical twins (monozygotic) when a single fertilized egg splits into two genetically identical havles and non-identical twins (dizygotic) where two eggs are fertilized at the same time. For identical twins, their cord blood can be combined for storage as the twins are genetically idential. But for non-identical twins, as their genes are different, it is suggested to store their cord blood separately.

What disease can cord blood heal?

Until June 2016, up to 113 diseases had been treated with cord blood transplants5,6. They could be divided into 7 categories, namely: Leukemia, Lymphomas, other Disorders of Blood Cell Proliferation, Inherited Disorders of Immune System, Inherited Metabolic Disorders, other Cancers and others.

Detail about 113 treatable disease please refer to Diseases Treated by Cord Blood Transplantation.

What is the difference between cord blood and umbilical cord?

Cord blood and umbilical blood contain two different stem cells which are widely adopted in different medical aspects. Cord blood is a rich source of HSCs which can create the blood and immune cells. Cancers, blood-related, immunity and metabolic diseases can be treated by cord blood. Umbilical cord is a rich source of MSCs which can create structural and connective tissues. Apart from minimizing GvHD in directed and unrelated allogeneic cord blood transplants, MSCs can apply to chronic illnesses treatment, regenerative medicines as well as organ and tissue engineering. Since cord blood and umbilical cord are rich sources of different types of stem cells, they may help to repair the body in different ways.

Can the cord blood and umbilical cord be stored permanently?

Stem cells will stop all physiological activities and remain dormant in -196℃ liquid nitrogen. Therefore, the stem cells can be permanently stored theoretically19. Professor Hal E. Broxmeyer (microbiology and immunology) is a pioneer who advocates of cord blood stem cells cryogenic storage. He proved that stem cells stored for years were still very regenerative, indicating that the stem cells stored in 1985 and 1986 could still be applied to patients for transplant33.

On the contrary, there is no factual basis for the claim of stem cells being able to store permanently under -135℃. Noted that using the vapor nitrogen storage system would cause temperature fluctuation upon stem cells storage and thawing and seriously affect the viability of all samples' stem cells.

Almost all public cord blood banks, including worldwide large blood banks, use liquid nitrogen for stem cells storage.

How much does the cord blood storage service charge?

Entrusted by most parents in Hong Kong1, Healthbaby has a very comprehensive service coverage. Apart from the traditional liquid nitrogen storage plan, HealthBaby also pioneered to provide the advanced BioArchive® System. All storage plan of HealthBaby adopts the expensive liquid nitrogen as storage medium to provide the most stable tempertature for stem cell viability, providing the most quality umbilical cord and cord blood storage service.

To cater for different needs of clients, HealthBaby's cord blood and umbilical cord storage plan have very flexible and comprehensive service plan. Regarding cord blood plan, clients could select the storage plan base on the storage and processing system needs.

The umbilical cord and cord blood service fee already includes registration fee, processing fee and 18 years storage fee, no any additional charge during the contracted year. Extra discounted would be provided for registering both umbilical cord and cord blood storage plan. HealthBaby existing customers and other cord blood bank customers could also enjoy special offers. Please contact us for deatils and any enquiries.

For more details of cord blood service plan please refer to Service Plan.

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